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As part of the whole TOR steampunk bonanza that's going on at the moment, Cheryl Morgan, Publisher of Emerald City has published a list of "The Top 12 Classics of Steampunk" It's worth a look, if you call yourself a steampunk, and you haven't read all of these, consider adding them to your library list. 

There's also a call out for submissions to "The Steampunk Bible" from Steampunk Month collaborators Jeff VanderMeer and S.J. Chambers:

Noted Archivist Seeks Steampunks to Index

Cover of "Steampunk"
Cover of Steampunk
World Fantasy Award winnerJeff VanderMeer’s The Steampunk Bible, published by Abrams Image, will provide a comprehensive and lavish overview of all aspects of Steampunk, in text and pictures. Research for this momentous and globe-spanning project includes the compilation of a comprehensive Archive of, and Index to, everything and everyone Steampunk and Steampunk-Related. This Archive will be made public online, and you also might be contacted about appearing in the book.
If you would like a website or blog link, book or brick-and-mortar establishment, to be considered for the archive, please send the relevant information to Master Archivist S.J. Chambers (steampunkbible at or to The Steampunk Bible, c/o Jeff VanderMeer, POB 4248, Tallahassee, FL 32315 USA. Make sure to include a short paragraph describing your submission and your complete contact information. Although the Master Archivist’s extensive list of ongoing clockwork projects makes it impossible to guarantee a reply, you may be sure she will give each missive intense scrutiny. As part of a Larger Study, please consider including Your Personal Definition of Steampunk with your email message or snail mail parcel. Rest assured, the Master Archivist and her minions are also out in the World, actively seeking Steampunks for the greater glory of the Archive.
 Lots of other stuff going on over at , and the month is almost over - check it out while you can!

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