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Reflective Clothing for the Fashion Concious

I recently got a tricycle. It's a stupid amount of fun to ride, and it's opened up a whole world of accessories I have never given a moment's thought to before. One of these is the need for saftey clothing.

I am not doing any night riding, but if I were.. I would NOT want to wear some hideous orange garment, just to ensure I didn't get wiped out.

There must be other options, I thought - and sure enough, there are..

One option is this neat idea.. definitely a less-ugly option for reflective clothing you might want if you're riding a bike or whatever :)

The clever clucks over at "Lost Value" are selling lace made from reflective thread.

From their website: http://www.lostvalues...

Available in a variety of colours, Reflective Lace can be sewn into clothing or simply worn, as an elegant high visibility accessory.

For the fashion conscious cyclist who wants to be seen as well as noticed.

Available in lengths of 120cm or as a set of 2 ruffled elastic rings to be worn directly over socks, gloves, hair, etc.

They've managed to weave it into wool as well, and they're making hats & scarves:

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