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Time Travellers Picnic – Tues 3rd November (Melb Cup Holiday)

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It seems the good

after coming up with the smashing idea for a picnic on Melbourne Cup Day  is unable now to make it… so those of us who are able to get there will have to raise a glass in his honour..
I’m going to go ahead and nail down the “Whens and Wheres” so this can happen..
When: from 11am, Tuesday 3 November (Melb Cup Day)
- I think we should meet on the nice lawn in front of the Conservatory.. this would be a good place to retreat to in the case of any showers, too..
Bring: Bring some food to share – and your own beverages.  Also bring blankets, baskets, cushions/seating, parasols, croquet sets, boules and other necessaries for a lovely afternoon in the park.
RSVP: to omega at steampunkerie AT gmail DOT com , or comment here, so I know there’s people coming.

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