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Sun 22nd November - High Tea & Croquet

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

In accordance with the consensus at the Time Traveller's Picnic..

I am happy to announce I have organised a High Tea with Croquet for you all on Sunday 22nd November...

If you don't know how to play croquet, fear not, the stalwart souls of the croquet club will be at hand to teach us the rules, and provide the necessary equipment. They are rather excited to have some younger folk interested in learning and were intrigued to hear all about steampunk!

Seeing as it worked so smashingly last time, we will be operating on a "pot luck" catering model once again, please bring foodstuffs for a High Tea. Tea and coffee will be provided, but do please feel free to bring along your teapots, samovars or other paraphernalia as you see fit for the consumption of heated beverages.  We will be able to enjoy our victuals in the clubhouse.

The venue is the Sandringham Croquet Club which is located at Beach Road Sandringham -opposite Mildura Avenue. Melway Reference 76 F8 and 9. The club is situated next to B10 Car Park - opposite Abbott Street.Visitors who live outside Bayside need to pay to park here. There is ample free parking in local streets. The Club is also 5 minutes walk from Sandringham Railway Station.
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We have a two hour booking from 2pm - 4pm. They can accommodate up to 24 players at once (if we are more numerous we will need to take turns.)

The afternoon will cost $10 per head, this will cover venue and equipment hire, and the aforementioned tea and coffee.

To reserve your place, do please take advantage of the handy paypal button below:

Please note flat shoes are required for playing croquet, heeled shoes will not be allowed on the greens.

Hope to see you there.. do please feel free to pass on news of this event far and wide, another good turnout would be most pleasing!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at steampunkerie at gmail dot com.

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