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Steam Vehicles by Post (oh to be a Pom!)

Oh my, if I was in the UK, I would be *ALL* over this. Your very own steam powered vehicle.. could anything be more sublime?

Steam Traction World supply pre-machined kits so you can build your own working steam vehicle without a heap of special tools.

From their website:

The Home of Quality Steam Traction Models

We manufacture a superb range of fully machined, large scale models in kit form, ready for you to do the final assembly, paint and add your own personal touch to 'make it your own'. We all have a fixed amount of time. Our goal is to provide you with a product that would otherwise take years to produce from scratch. In other words we are selling time. Time that will enable you to have fun with your product rather than spending thousands of hours in the workshop with the possibility that you may never see a completed project.

All Steam Traction World parts supplied are fully machined ready for assembly after final de-burring, sanding and paint. Most models may be purchased over a fixed period of time with kits arriving at regular intervals to enable the customer to 'build as he/she buys'.

Building and painting your model is a significant accomplishment, a source of pride for years to come. It could be regarded as an heirloom to be passed on to future generations.

As Steam Traction World we intend to take the positives that Modelworks developed over the years, to continue as market leaders and develop better relationships with our most important asset - you, our customers.

My favourite is the Lykamobile:

The Lykamobile

When F.E. Stanley exhibited a small steam car at a horseless carriage show in 1898 the public response was so fantastic that he decided to start production commercially. However, before production began, Stanley sold the production rights. One of the purchasers, Mr. Amzi Barber set up the Locomobile Company. The first model was called Style 1 but this was quickly superseded by Style 2 which became the Standard Locomobile. By June 1901 it was claimed over 3000 had been sold. Many have been preserved and they remain immensely popular.

The Steam Traction World Lykamobile is a full size steam vehicle similar to style 2 fitted with a modern boiler and different style of burner for safety reasons. The tyres are modern and treaded. Disc brakes are also fitted. The design reflects the Locomobile as far as is practical whilst maintaining a straightforward and cost effective design, utilising available materials and components.
The Lykamobile is available only in kit form. It can be delivered in a series of ready to paint and assemble kits over 18 months or as a complete set of kits from stock. In both cases with full assembly instructions and drawings.

Engine: Modified Hackworth valve gear giving 30mph with forward and reverse.

likamobile likamobile
likamobile likamobile likamobile
likamobile likamobile

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