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Tooling up: belts and bags in sensual leather

The Red Lady, Omega, and I were out hunting more power tools for Steampunkerie Glassworks' workshop at Bunnings, of the weekend, we passed the belts, pouches and work wear section, and Omega reminded me that there were some very Steamy items to check out. The deep brown of oil-tanned leather spoke to me, and I thought it would me smashing to bring this knowledge on to you:

Irwin Tools

Let me first pass on these gems of definition from Irwin Tools' catalogue:
  • Oil-Tanned Leather
"A premium, full-grain cowhide leather treated with a special blend of oils and waxes to last longer in all weather conditions. Oil-tanned products have a high resistance to cracking, tearing and punctures."

  • Full Grain Leather
"Buffed on the grain side so it is soft and supple - this leather moulds to your body and tools. The other side is sueded for maximum flexibility. This type of leather provides superior strength and durability."

  • Saddle Leather
"Stiff top grain leather purpose moulded for tool holders."

  • Suede Leather
"Soft and flexible sueded leather offers high performance at excellent value. Sueded on
both sides for maximum flexibility and comfort, yet it is sturdy and practical enough for the jobsite. Suede leather is thicker and more durable than split leather."

  • Split Leather
"Lighter duty sueded split leather Suitable for the handyman."

  • Cotton
"Lightweight, soft material moulds to the body. More porous than leather, cotton breathes - staying cool in warm conditions."

The heavier and more processed the gear, the more its expense, but in my opinion, it adds to the beauty as well. However; suede, saddle and full grain leathers can easily enough be worked, coloured and seasoned to meet with your own Steampunk designs.

and here are the three items that caught my eye, charming in both aesthetic and practicality.

"Constructed from premium oil tanned leather for the toughest working conditions"
  • 10 Pocket Oil Tanned Leather Tool Apron
(CC-747-603 / 019374107475)

2 large flared pockets,
2 medium front pockets,
6 small tool holders,
tape measure pocket,
50mm leather belt with durable metal buckle
2 steel hammer-loops and steel utility tool holder

  • 10 Pocket Oil Tanned Leather Nail & Tool Bag
(CC-825 / 019374608255)

Large main pockets,
1 back pocket,
1 front pocket,
6 small pockets
2 steel hammer-loops

  • Oil Tanned Leather Drill Holster
(CC-411 / 019374834111)

Drill Holder
Fits most large cordless drills
Angled for quick access
3 bit pockets

Imagine each of these not filled with tape measure and carpenters hammers, but the gentleman explorer’s compass and tinderbox, or the lady engineers setsquare and callipers. All manner of accoutrement and accessory can be carried with ease and aplomb!

The full belt for a whole out-fit changing piece in one hit, the tool bag for a major upgrade in ready-made format, or the drill-holster, for all your ray-gun and positron blaster needs!


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