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What's one thing you'd change about the steampunk community?

Hmmm. How about giving us a nice solid line of government funding so we could do some really amazing stuff?

There's a small, mean part of me that prays for a world-wide shortage of clock parts so people stop gluing it randomly to everything in an effort to make it look more steampunk.

In every subculture there are those who seek to elevate themselves by telling everyone else how they ought to be "doing it". Steampunk seems to be fairly resistant to these people, which is good.

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Welcome gentle traveler.... this, our offering to you, of the findings and happenings in a Steamier world. This blog will be a voice and a record of interesting design, exciting events and hopefully useful tidbits of information, crafting instructions, cooking tips and most of all Steampunk themed posts.

It will be part fashion news tips and tricks, part event announcements, part community building and part forum.

Welcome, one and all, ladies and lads of Steam, Cog and Kliestron Generator, To the Steampunkerie Blog!

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