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World's first mechanical cellphone

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 If you have a spare 300K greenbacks burning a hole in your pocket you might want to pick up one of these - a mechanical cellphone...

ELSIUS X VII II Mechanical Tourbillion Cellphone – Remontage Papillon Mechanism

Claims to be first mechanical cellphone in the world, CELSIUS X VII II mechanical tourbillion cellphone’s design is inspired by the high-end Swiss watches, combining the patented Remontage Papillon mechanism that mimics butterfly’s movement into the watch.
The remontage Papillon mechanism is activated once the wings are unfolded. This is the mechanical motion you could also find on a high-end watch.
CELSIUS X VII II cellphone is made of 547 mechanical parts, and it features a tourbillon in its hinge. Another applause is on the phone energy source, CELSIUS X VII II mechanical tourbillion cellphone mainly powered through human’s kinetic energy.
It will be exhibited at the upcoming Basel World watch fair in Switzerland.
Price: approx. USD275,000.

Their website is here:

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