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*tap**tap**tap* Is this thing on??! Feedback Competition!

Hello there!
We get a lot of people reading our blog, which is lovely.. but no one ever comments! While it's easy to rest on our laurels, assured that "no news is good news", we'd really rather hear from you..

Here's some of the things we'd love to know... 
  • What would you like to see on this blog, that you aren't already?
  • Do you prefer content from Australia, or do you like seeing interesting things from all over the place?
  • What do you like best - news about events (even if they're far away? only if they're not far away?) Shiny things? Art? Music? Movies? 
  • Who do you think we should ask to be a guest author, or interview?
  • What do you think we should feature that you haven't already seen here? 
  • What else would you like to tell us?
To encourage you lovely lot to speak up, I'm even prepared to offer a prize! That's right, one lucky commenter each month from now on will get a prize from the Steampunkerie team. This month it's a set of soaps from Steampunkerie Soapworks.. 

Let's hear from you!

I love this blog!

Things I would like:
1: Contraptions submitted by users...frequently
2: Content from Australia is good but all over is better
3: News about live music and upcoming local events.
4: You should as me to be a guest or interview me since i AM an author ;)
5: You should feature DIY workshops and/or templates for others to copy/trade in designs...being the sky pirate I am I would simply steal everyones ideas and write them of as my own...Or sell them to a collector for a reasonable sum of coin
6: I would like to tell you that I plan on plu...Actually come to think of it no...nothing at all.

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Welcome gentle traveler.... this, our offering to you, of the findings and happenings in a Steamier world. This blog will be a voice and a record of interesting design, exciting events and hopefully useful tidbits of information, crafting instructions, cooking tips and most of all Steampunk themed posts.

It will be part fashion news tips and tricks, part event announcements, part community building and part forum.

Welcome, one and all, ladies and lads of Steam, Cog and Kliestron Generator, To the Steampunkerie Blog!

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