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Steamy Men in Steamy Menswear...

Living with a couple of hot steamy men, I feel I'm qualified to call them when I see them.. here's some good looking gentlemen that have caught my eye recently..

Here's renowed rapscallion Tom Forde - he's a fashion designer with his own menswear line, and it shows:

This beautiful, beautiful boy is called Bartek - he's polish, he's a model.. and I really love this kind of "steppe warrior" look they've got going on here. This is a nice example of how accessories can really elevate an outfit from everyday to extraordinary ..


 Rick Owens is just as stylish as his amazing menswear lines.. I feel as though a lot of his clothing would be right at home in a steampunk gentlemen's wardrobe..

The man..

The clothes:

One more designer worth watching, Anne Demeulemeester:

And because attitude really *is* everything when it comes to fashion, one final image to put you in the right frame of mind:


Go forth and Be Steamy!
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