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Where would you suggest a newcomer to Steampunk look around Melbourne & surrounds for suitable apparel?

I'm not sure whether we should be thankful or sad that there are no one-stop-steampunk-shops. I remember when the same could be said of the goth scene, not any more!

The very best thing to do I think is to immerse yourself in victorian fashion unroll the shapes and contours of it are really clear to you, and then hit the mainstream shops. They are chock full of neo Victorian inflenced pieces right now (long may it reign!)

For some extra special pieces and advice from some fellow steampunks, Wildilocks is well worth checking out .. And for " oooh! Aaaaaah!" value alone check out the wunderkammer.

Remember that op shops are your friend! So are friends who can teach you to sew! (you might want to check out the Melbourne alternative crafters meetip if this is of interest.

I hope that's given you some ideas, great question!

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