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Designer to watch: Stephane Halleux

Stephane Halleux is the creator of these breathtaking steampunk inspiredsculptures that are crafted from a wide variety of materials. The detail is amazing and his often surreal characters are filled with personality.

As the artist mentions: “I've always liked crazy mix of science, technology, with the romance vintage machinery”.

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Welcome gentle traveler.... this, our offering to you, of the findings and happenings in a Steamier world. This blog will be a voice and a record of interesting design, exciting events and hopefully useful tidbits of information, crafting instructions, cooking tips and most of all Steampunk themed posts.

It will be part fashion news tips and tricks, part event announcements, part community building and part forum.

Welcome, one and all, ladies and lads of Steam, Cog and Kliestron Generator, To the Steampunkerie Blog!

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