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Do you consider Steampunk a strict fashion/lifestyle or are you pleased to see it blended with other fashions to create something new (not in the Regretsy 'stick clock gears to baseball hats', more along the lines of steampunk lolitas etc)?

I think one of the best things about Steampunk is the fact that is ISN'T a "strict lifestyle". I have my opinions about what is, and isn't steampunk along with everyone else - but the whole point of it is self-expression and creativity.

Steampunk Lolita would seem a pretty obvious iteration - the EGL look has always had roots in victorianesque fashion, same as steampunk, so this hardly seems like a big leap to me.

It's when you look at things that have now become really common tropes in steampunk fashion, you realise just how versatile the genre is. I mean really, what is "steampunk" about Star Wars? And yet "steampunk starwars" has almost become a cliche, it's seen so often....

There's definitely a place for creativity and innovation - go too far and you'll wind up with something that none of your peers think is steampunk.... but I would always favour someone giving it a go, rather than someone trying to turn our emergent subculture into a "strict fashion or lifestyle".

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