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Take a ThirdView on the past.

I came across this delightful collection of time traveling images and felt it simply must be shared with all our viewers.

The lovely people at ThirdView have taken photographs of the American "Wild West" and with meticulous research, attention to detail, and record keeping have been able to photograph the same vistas, from the same locations, same seasonal periods and conditions, in order to give us a timeline of the landscape.

See the changes to the environment, the coming and going of the tides of humanity and the effects that each have on the other. The photos are from the 1870's, the 1970's and around 2000.

Perhaps there is something in this for us all, retrograde photography projects, with some fancy PhotoShoppe jiggery-pokery you could blend sepia-tones with HD colour imagrey, of yourself standing beside "yourself" in regalia.

Just don't murder your own youthful-proto-grandparents ...

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