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The Conservatory - Friday 25th March @ Abode

Ladies, Gentlemen and Androgynies… ABODE Level One will once again open its doors to all those of Steampunk affiliation and their associates. 

These sumptuous surrounds will continue to play host to The Conservatory where we look forward to another evening of conversation and congeniality. Lounge and converse or engage in more vigorous pursuits as enticing music flows through the room. Your ears will again delight to the Phonon works of Phonographers… Omega and Josh.

Last month we were indulged with impromptu polka lessons, live sketching and an outbreak of deductive alchemy as our patrons tried to divine the principal ingredients of the mysterious and delicious "Tesla" cocktail, dicing, duelling with much frivolity... who can say what's in store this month, but one thing is certain - in order to experience such delights one must attend!

Adorn yourself in your Steampunk finery and grace our space… cross the threshold before the midnight hour and receive a complimentary $8 drink card for your personal liquefied indulgence.

DĂ©cor & Lighting by:
Tracy G

Produced by:
BluAfterGlow & Steampunkerie

Hosted by:

10pm – 3am (4am if we’re all still indulging)

$20 (entry before 12midnight includes a drink card up to the value of $8)

Steampunk – Period – Alternative – Eccentric etc…
(minimum neat smart/dressy - strictly NO blue denim or casual wear)

We invite all invokers/creators of visual stimulation to participate.
If you wish to display/perform a visual installation, feel free to contact us to discuss the mechanics…

ABODE is a kink-friendly and queer-friendly venue, so you too should feel comfortable at this event.

ABODE Level One is a private Members Club. Please remember that we have been invited to share the space and we are primarily guests in their home.

For those shackled to the Tome of Visages, the event listing is here:

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