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Ooh La La! Suffrage for all!

This is nothing short of brilliant... Lady Gaga meets the Women's Suffrage movement... It's NeoVictorian and beautiful.. just watch.. if this doesn't bring a little tear to your eye, then your heart is made of stone.

The same group of educators did one about the declaration of independence that's worth a look, too:
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Kerryx's Steampunk Burlesque

The ever lovely Kerryx showing everyone just what Steampunk Burlesque ought to look like. Enjoy. Oh. and, if the word "burlesque" wasn't enough of a clue for you, this is NSFW and contains BOOBS.

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Disney goes Steampunk thanks to MecaniqueFairy

Deviant Art Artist MecaniqueFairy has created these fun steamy reworkings of Disney characters:
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You know who's steampunk now? Justin Bieber.

"Noooo! BLASPHEMY!!" I hear you cry.

Well, sometimes seeing is believing. Click with trepidation, cogsters. 

Oh, the horror. Of course the "steampunk" is purely in the set dressing and costumes. The music is an unimaginative rendering of a tired old carol.

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Just glue some gears on it, and call it Steampunk!

Fellow Viators, let me dazzle your eyes and ears with this delightful piece of song and dance titled "Just Glue Some Gears On It (And Call It Steampunk)" by Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esquire.

Bravo, bravo, bravo! 

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I say good day to you, Sir. Good Day!

Its glory flashed before my eyes, and i hesitated. I hesitated and it was gone ....

"what, pray tell?" you ask...

behold:The Big Daddy Nerf mod

as a passionate enthusiast of the foamed-petrochemical polymer dart throwers, so beloved of costumers and cavaliers alike, I am frequently dismayed at my lack of -real- talent at cosmetic modding, but am always happy to support those who are. (Functional modding, I feel myself capable of, however).

When this aforementioned Etsy item was mentioned on Giz i hesitated in purchasing, only because of some recent financial ... excesses ... on my part.

Kudos to the Maker, and also, the intrepid purchaser.
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Your own lifesize Steampunk Playset for 800K?

Above is a picture of the town of Scenic, in South Dakota, and it's for sale.. there's a train depot, two jails, a museum, a dancehall, saloon and a bunkhouse..

It's 46 acres in total -- 12 acres in town and 34 acres around it -- located about 50 miles east of Rapid City, South Dakota.

The property is posted on, which offers video tours of various locations. Cow skulls adorn the sign for the Longhorn Saloon, which advertises tobacco, lunch and dancing -- in that order.

Since its heyday, Scenic has seen its population dwindle to less than 10 people. Nearly everyone in town is related to Twila Merril, Olsen said.

Since Merill was diagnosed with cancer, the upkeep on Scenic has become too much for the family, he said.

"It's really an interesting place and there's so much history," Olsen said about the town. "All it needs is a little population -- and ingenuity."

So.. what would you do if you owned Scenic, South Dakota?
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Lovely Uniform from 1918

Have a look at this spectacular woman from 1918.. 

She's Mrs Leola N. King, who was Washington DC's first female traffic cop. Her uniform is just spectacular, right down to the boots, and I wish it was hanging in my wardrobe right now.  Click to enbiggen!

From the paper of the day:

First of Women Traffic Officers

Mrs. L.N. King Takes up Duty at Seventh and K St. N.W.

Mrs. Leola N. King, wife of Capt. E. H. King, United States medical corps, became Washington's first woman traffic officer yesterday, and assumed her duties at the corner of Seventh and K streets northwest. Washington is the first city in the United states to have a woman traffic officer. There are many policewomen in the District, but most of them are employed to look after the welfare of children and young girls.
Not only is Mrs. King the first woman traffic officer, but she is also the first woman to be assigned to a precinct. Yesterday morning she was transferred from police headquarters to Capt. Flather, of the first precinct. Maj. Pullman says that Mrs. King has been placed on the traffic squad as an experiment. The superintendent wants to determine whether it is feasible to have women to replace several male members of the force who have entered the military service.
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Needs more Tesla's!

Ladies and Gentlemen and other Mad Scientists of alternate salutations, behold the newest and greatest of electromagnetic creations, a magnet so powerful that it requires a containment vessel lest it explode with raw etheric fury!


with thanks to the Gizmodo crew
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